Oct 17, 2009

finished - boyfriend hat (#12)

We've been fighting sickness for a week in our house. It would appear that H1N1 has become the new fall flu in the Midwest, and people all around us are dropping like flies. So it shouldn't have been a shock when my husband came home from work on Tuesday with a bad case of it. However, seeing as he's the one in our family who is generally healthy as a horse and I am most often the one using up all my PTO on random sickness, it was both odd and weirdly thrilling that he was finally the one sick.
And sick he sure has been - just now he is at the store getting some decongestant for what has been his first trip outside of our house in four full days.

Through all this sickness, everything has gotten shoved on the back-burner. From laundry to knitting, I've spent the week trying desperately not to get sick {and, strangely, managing to avoid it!}.

I did, however, finally get the Boyfriend Hat finished. The only adjustment I made to the cap was to make it longer - and unfortunately, it's still probably not long enough. The hat is meant to be knit for 5.5" before beginning decreases, and I thought it said just 5", so I knit for 6" before beginning decreases. As the hat is going to Warm Woolies, however, I probably should have gone for about 7" before beginning decreases for maximum coverage. The hat is wonderful as-is, though, and so I'm not that upset. It just means it'll maybe have to be layered? I wish I'd gotten more done this week, but adding this hat to my "finished hats" box is a good way to move toward a new week, and hopefully a healthy husband!

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