Oct 16, 2009

For Today

{taken from the simple woman’s daybook.}

Outside my window … it has been drizzling this morning. The ride to work was a constant decision – do I run the windshield wipers or not?

I am thinking … about my sick husband hat home, curled under the blankets. He’s been down for the count for a full week now!

I am thankful for … not catching whatever he’s got!

I am wearing … a long-sleeve shirt, a cardigan, a scarf, and jeans. I love casual day at work, but wish the temps were warmer in here!

I am remembering … all the hats I wanted to make this week, but wasn’t able to. Caring for sick family comes first for sure!

I am going … to spend the entire weekend washing the sick out of our house and tackling a bit more of my knitting list.

I am reading … “Catching Fire”. It’s the sequel to “The Hunger Games”, a young adult novel, and I’m in love with it.

I am hoping … to get a few items on my “knit before the new year” list knocked off this weekend. It’s amazing how that list grows (it’s up to close to 70), and no matter how fast I knit, more and more seems to get added before I can finish stuff up!

Noticing that … we never really had either a spring or a fall this year. The weather pretty much went from winter to summer and now it’s heading back into winter again. yuck!

One of my favorite things … that whenever my husband is sick, the cats all burrow in next to him and try to simultaneously steal his covers and will him healthy with their purr-sleeping.

From my picture journal … the shot above is one I captured of all the ripple blankets I’m working on right now. One is for a couple we’re close with, one is for my husband, and the third is meant to use up all the leftover bits of acrylic I have found as I’ve organized and cleared out my stash of yarn. I love that I just can find knitting and crochet laying around my home like this!

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