Oct 21, 2009

lace-edged hat (#13) done

Blurry thanks to a cat not wanting to suffer through any more photo-ops, the Lace-Edged Hat is done and off the needles!

I used up one skein of silky wool (DK held double stranded) for this hat, and the only changes I made? I made the brim pattern thinner (only two repeats instead of three) and made the whole hat a bit longer.

In general, I need to work on making hats a bit longer, I think, because they always end up just barely covering my ears, but fitting great around the circumference of my head. And with Warm Woolies wanting items that are a bit longer (to help protect that much more against the cold), getting that handled now would be a good idea.

On the whole, I loved this pattern - a fast knit, easy pattern for the brim, and classic decreases that are always satisfying. There won't be time between now and the new year to make this for friends, but its going on the list for next year for sure!

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