Oct 26, 2009

robin's egg hat (#14) - finished

Let me just say that possum yarn? Super soft and wonderful! I loved every second of knitting with it! Finished the Robin's Egg hat on Sunday, but didn't get the large black button sewn on until Monday.

I'm definitely slacking on my knitting lately - we've been pretty focused on getting stuff done around the house - and if I'm not careful I'm going to fall behind. But I just couldn't knit this one any faster; I really wanted to drag out the knitting of it I loved the yarn so much!

My husband tried to convince me to keep this hat for myself - he loves the color on me! I love the hat as well, although once again it's a bit too short. I'm concerned my head is larger than most people's at this point, because this is now the third hat I've made at least an inch longer than the directions call for, and it still doesn't cover my ears all the way. Maybe that's how most people wear their hats? All I know is that the hats for Warm Woolies need to be longer, at least long enough to cover my ears!

{side note: if you haven't read "The Hunger Games" and its' sequel "Catching Fire", head out to the store immediately and get them both. Along with some tissues. Amazing books, but both have made me cry.}

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