Feb 2, 2010

A Tale Of Two Hats - #39 and #40

Over the weekend, I whipped through two hats. And it was only after I was done with the second that I realized the hats were strikingly similar.

Meet Jane, hat #39 in the project. Super warm, thanks to the doubled-over brim, this hat is knitted using a mock-cable pattern that also gives some super cute eyelet holes. I took the opportunity to use most of a skein of Cascade 220, generously gifted to me from Monika.

Next, meet the Slouchy Copy Cat, hat #40 in the challenge. With a different decrease at the top and only a single layer brim, this hat is a bit different from Jane, but similar enough that I should have noticed before I was trying them on! For this hat I used some Patons worsted wool I've had in my stash for at least a year.

** ** **

Love both hats, by the way. Am currently in love with the orange Jane, as the double layer around my ears kept me warm while taking these shots on lunch. Don't let the sun fool you - it's still hella cold outside and showing no signs of letting up.

 I'd wear Copy Cat all spring, however, and would also keep it in my bag through the summer months for colder nights it's so cute. Yet another in the long list of hats i want to make for myself!

Specs for both hats below:

#39 - Jane; pattern by Jane Richmond, available for purchase through Ravelry; used size 7 and size 9 bamboo needles and orange Patons 220 wool.

#40 - Copy Cat; pattern by Confessions Of A Maniacal Thrower; pattern available for free; used size 8 and 9 bamboo needles and rose Patons worsted wool.

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