Apr 14, 2010

knit knit knitting away

some days it feels like i go from work to knitting to sleep, and back around again. most days i don't think about it, really. i love knitting, knitting for others and for charity especially - but some days all i want to do is curl up on the couch and watch movies, or snuggle up on a porch swing {ah, to have one someday!} with a good book.

maybe the frustration comes when i'm stuck on a particularly frustrating hat, which is exactly where i'm at right now. after four days of knitting on the same hat, i feel like it's NEVER going to get finished! looks like it's time to cast on another hat so that i can get more than one hat done this week!

sometimes i have to do that - pick a new hat pattern and work through that one before going back to the pattern that's giving me trouble. with all the different items i've got on the needles right now, one more cast on won't hurt me that much!

plus, it gives me the chance to get started on a few of my life goals - knit something from every one of my knitting books, and maybe even cast on an Elizabeth Zimmerman hat to start working on my "knit 10 EZ patterns" if i'm feeling particularly randy.

here's to knitting more than one thing at a time! maybe someday soon i'll get that porch swing so i can knit from my front porch - enjoy the weather while i whip up some fast hats!

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