May 25, 2010

finished: Watchman ’s Cap

This past weekend was all about hat knitting for me. Coming up quickly on the 75th hat for One Hundred Hats, I've been stashing away finished hats in the hopes I'll finish early. A few weeks ago I knit a maroon cap I called "Israel In Maroon". The pattern is from a woman who collects hats for the men and women of the Israeli army, and I promised when I knit my maroon version for the project I'd knit one in black to send off to her. This weekend I finished up my black version.

Chanah's hat pattern is super simple to follow, and the perfect minimalist addition to anyone's winter wardrobe. I know I've got more black yarn hanging out in the stash, and I also know about five guys who would love a hat like this for the holidays, so as i come across my black yarn I'm going to knit up hats both for Channah and for the guys I know.

The two-by-two ribbing all the way through the hat means it will stretch and shrink to fit just about every head, which is perfect if you aren't sure how bit to make your hat. In all, this is about the perfect no-brainer minimalist hat pattern! Bonus? This hat used up the last of yet another skein of yarn!

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