May 6, 2010

House Hat (#67)

I'm working my way through some of the hats in the Charmed Knits book - the amazing Harry Potter-themed knitting book that came out around the time of the fourth movie. While there have been a lot of hand-knits in the rest of the movies, I'm hoping a second version of this book comes out after the eighth and final movie hits theaters in a few years. Until then, there are some great hats in the first version, not the least of which is the House Hats.

With two varieties, this hat was even featured in a charity knit-a-long when the book was first released. I didn't get a chance to participate then, but I'm making up for lost time with this Gryffendor-themed hat. I got lucky when I realized I had some wool in my Patons stash that almost perfectly matched Harry's house colors - I was all set to make a generically striped hat when I happened to see these two half-balls of yarn sitting next to one another. Casting on the smallest size, I got to work. This hat took all but a few days to complete - it might have gone faster, but we're in the midst of another round of home renovations {and finally on the home stretch!} so much of my time has been taken up helping my husband out on that front.  

Specs: House Hat from Charmed Knits; knit with red and gold Patons yarn on size 6 needles {because I forgot to size up to 8's after the ribbing!}

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