May 12, 2010

Knitting Through Bag #1 Of Yarn

In order to knit through the 181 skeins of yarn I currently own, I set the goal to knit through my stash one container at a time. Easiest to begin with is my large Land’s End knitting bag – it contains most of the projects I’ve deemed “current knits” along with a few errant balls of yarn from recent knits, so the stuff on the needles is fresher in my mind.

My goal with this bag, as it will be with any of the containers of yarn, is to photograph it as a whole, and then photograph each individual skein (or group of skeins if more than one skein will be used for a specific project).

Once all photography is done, all yarn will go back into said container, and I’ll assign each skein to specific projects in my Ravelry account. Then I will simply have to pull a ball of yarn out, look it up on Ravelry if I’ve forgotten what I assigned it to, and get to knitting!

Sounds simple, but with all the rainy weather we’ve been having, the photography part of this became a bit more difficult than I’d imagined. Thank goodness we have a room in our home with no curtains on the windows (thanks to a remodel in its final stages), so I was able to get as much light as possible while taking these photos.
This is everything that’s in the Land’s End bag. Truly a great knitting catch-all, this bag will be one of a few items I keep along my minimalist journey to be sure. I received it as a gift for participating in a nation-wide knitting drive through Land’s End – a complete surprise, but perfect for my knitting needs! It’s become the designated “current knitting” bag, and the hope is that it will be one of only two storage containers I’ll need for all my yarn and accessories by this time next year. I ended up sending two of the balls of yarn to the stash blanket pile as they were so small, but the rest have already been designated for projects. With the yarn in my Land’s End bag, I should be able to knit:
  • Five One Hundred Hats hats

  • At least four baby hats

  • Several hats for Boystown – more on this later!

  • A pair of booties and a baby hat for a friend

  • An adult-sized hat for a relative

  • A scar for a friend

  • A shawl for a relative

  • Accessories for a charity fashion show

  • At least one wall art piece for the office – more on this later as well

The goal? To have all this yarn knitted up into the assigned projects by my birthday – that gives me five full weeks to knit through sixteen skeins of yarn plus some!

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