May 24, 2010

London (#71)

Well then, weather! We went from 65 and rainy to 89 and sweltering over the course of 24-hours. Not that I mind summer being here in full force, mind you - it was just a bit abrupt. With the sudden turn towards heat, the last thing I wanted to do was toss on a wintery hat. Lucky for me, London is just a tad too small for my noggin - to the laundry line it was!

 Grabbing from my Patons stash for the grey and from my misc stash for the green, I was able to whip through this little ditty in just a few hours. Simple in design concept, the London beanie is perfect for those craving something simple to keep their ears warm come fall and winter.  

Specs: London Beanie by Mark Thraikill; knit using stash yarn and size 8 bamboo needles.

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