May 11, 2010

Pasha (#68)

About a week ago, I knit up a hat for a friend. She wanted something turquoise, and after taking a look at all Jane Richmond's hat patterns, she chose Pasha. I whipped it up in record time, and in the process fell in love with the pattern - only eight rows to memorize, four of which were simple knitting, and you've got one repeat of the pattern done!

As soon as Shauna's Pasha was off the needles I knew I needed to make one for this project. I dug into my stash and found some spring green yarn in the right weight. Without hesitation I cast on, and proceeded to whip through yet another Pasha in record time! It is quite honestly the perfect color and weight for a hat for me, so this one was hard to throw into the donations pile once it was done - I wanted more than anything to keep it for my very own perfect spring hat. But I know that it will go to someone who will love it thoroughly, so into the bin it went.

Incidentally, I pretty much need a woolen cap right now. I don't want to talk about the fact that it's mid-May and I'm wearing a turtleneck sweater in these photos - it's that cold outside right now. So much for spring/summer weather! I only hope it cheers up before my brother comes to stay for the summer!

Specs: Pasha by Jane Richmond {etsy link}; knit using size six bamboo needles and spring green DK weight yarn from my stash.

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