May 19, 2010

Road Trip Saturday – To Iowa And Back!

Over the weekend we left our fair city for a day-long road trip. We were on a mission – to pack up my brother Dan at college and bring him home to live with us for the summer! I have been super geeked about this since we first decided he should do this, and after weeks of renovating the room that would be his – a room we used to lovingly refer to as “the dumping grounds” it was so gross – all that stood in our way was a road trip.

This trip was made much more minimalist by the fact that we were not staying the night, and thus had no need for luggage. But I am known in our little household for bringing far too much on any car trip, no matter how short, so I decided to take a minimalist approach to the day and see if I could bring no more or less than what I needed for the day.

Because we’d end up being in the car for a full eight hours, we decided to upload a ton of music to my SUPER AMAZING NEW PHONE {more on that in another post} so we could rock out. That meant bringing the cord to connect it to the car and the charger to keep the battery from dying out.

Also because we’d end up being in the car for a full eight hours, I knew I’d need some knitting. I wanted something that I could knit on without needing an in-depth pattern, so I chose to bring my black yarn and size eight needles and knit up some clutches I’ll be donating to a charity fashion show in a few weeks.

Because we were leaving super early in the morning, we decided to grab breakfast on the way – after a quick trip to the post office to check my Knit Omaha PO Box, that is! The ride there was pretty uneventful, and we ended up eating great lunch at Steak N Shake before packing up my brother and bringing him back with us!

The borrowed mini-van full of his stuff, we headed back to Omaha.All in all, it was a great day-trip! I was able to knit through part of a clutch, we got my brother to Omaha with no trouble, and even celebrated with a few beers and a few friends!

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