May 3, 2010

Striped (#66)

Not actually very stripy at all, Striped is billed as a holiday knit for all the men in your life. As I made it in the smallest size, the hat will fit a growing boy quite nicely. Clearly Poppleton is not impressed, but the hat was not only a fun knit, but looks amazing as well. Simple enough to satisfy any boy or man, the little added color strip at the brim edge gives just enough knitting fun to keep you excited while knitting. I knit it to the pattern, creating a ridge where the brim folds, but if I were to knit it again I would leave that part of the hat out. Without a ridge, the hat would actually be able to be worn a bit longer, as the brim would be adjustable. Regardless, it's a great knit, a quick knit, and a fun knit!  

Specs: Striped by Sara Lucas and Allison Isaacs, from Holiday Knits: 25 Great Gifts from Stockings to Sweaters, knit using Classic Elite Yarns Renaissance in green and stash wool in brown on size 8 bamboo needles.

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Because we're required to now, the link above is an Amazon Affiliate link. Should you decide to click on it, any purchases you make will gift me with a tad bit of returns. Which I will use to buy more knitting books, natch!

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