May 18, 2010

The Family Stash Blanket, Part One

I recently decided it was high time I get moving on the Family Stash blanket. As a way to use up all those scraps of yarn I’ve been holding onto I’ve decided to knit them into a simple blanket – this way I use up every bit of yarn I’ve got in my possession and we end up with a blanket that tells the tale of my knitting history!

To make this blanket, I grabbed the longest size 9 circular needles I had on hand and cast on 210 stitches. I was aiming for 220, but ran out of yarn tail – I prefer the long-tail cast on method – and so went with it. Then I simply knit until there was hardly any tail left, knotted on the next piece of yarn {I know, I know – bad knitter!} and kept right on knitting.

Most of the yarn I use for knitting projects is worsted weight, so I’m not going to care too much about gauge. If I run across a skein of yarn much thinner than the others, I may set it aside for a sport-weight version of this Family Scraps Blanket to work up later. Or I may just knit them in along with the other yarn.

I’m also mixing my fiber types with this blanket. There will be lots of acrylic, but there will also be cotton scraps and wool remnants as well – I’m more interested in having a finished blanket to use around the house than I am concerned with fiber type. I’ll just know that this bad boy would prefer to be sprayed down and hung outside than tossed in the wash machine.

My goal is to knock out two remnant balls from the box of remnants for each new skein I finish – hopefully by following this method, I’ll have the scraps of yarn in my overflowing bucket used up by the end of the year! And thanks to one weekend of solid blanket knitting, I’ve knocked out ten remnant skeins of yarn!

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