May 14, 2010

The Friday Wrap-Up

To consider before pricing your crafty e-book (Craftypod)

Washing with Soak (Close Knit Portland)

Wallflowers Tutorial (Dana Made It)

Free Tape Strips clip art (Pugly Pixel)

Eight tips for handling your mail more efficiently (Happiness Project)

Cleaning your white keyboard (Penelope Loves Lists)

Portable Chicken Tacos (New Nostalgia)

Going “car-lite” (Becoming Minimalist)

Minimalist Business Success at the basis of existence (Far Beyond The Stars)

101 Physical things that can be reduced from your home (Becoming Minimalist)

Health and the simple life (Simplicity By Sunny)

Mastering the art of surrender (Communicatrix)

Launching a successful blog in 15 days (Six Revisions)

Breaking Up With Bloglines (Marta Writes)

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