By The Numbers

With so much going on last week and this, I’ve felt too busy to blog. So here’s a bit of what’s happened in my world, by the numbers {idea nabbed from Kelli}:

  • 33 – years old on Saturday!

  • 5 – number of people going to ride roller coasters with me to celebrate.

  • 4 – roller coasters ridden in celebration of my birthday!

  • 3 – thunderstorms

  • ½ -The amount of power that was lost to our home in the first thunderstorm. That’s right – HALF.

  • 2 – cavities filled at the dentist

  • 2 – cans of soda drunk in honor of my crappy teeth before cavities were filled

  • 2 -bags of yarn donated

  • 0 – skeins in those bags counted for my totals.

  • 130 – number of stitches cast on for a baby blanket I’m making for my aunt.

  • 1 – number of baby blankets I’m making for her.

  • 2 – number of baby blankets she needs in total.

  • 76 – hat number I am on as I type this.

  • 90 – hat number I’m queued up to in Ravelry.

  • 6 – potential number of 21-year-old boys who will be staying in my house next weekend.

  • 21 – how old my brother turns next weekend.

  • 3 – approximate number of hours I expect to sleep next weekend.

  • 2 – number of sore arms I have after starting the P90X workout with my husband.

  • 0 – number of sit-ups I want to do for said workout.

  • 250 – number of sit-ups I will have to do tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday! I’ll be back with a new free Minimalist pattern, some finished hats, and so much more.


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