Jun 15, 2010

minimalist business and knitting

Over the next few days I'll be reading Everett Bogue's new book Minimalist Business. My goal is to write a review on it once I've read and processed it, but I wanted to hop in here and tell you why I'm reading it, as well as why I'm not reading it.

When Everett first released this book for a limited 24-hour time-frame, I considered purchasing the book and then decided against it. I am, after all, a knitter, not a business person.

As I looked at what I was doing online and where I wanted to be in the next few months and years however, I began to look at things a bit different. And as Everett began to share a bit more about his book leading up to the re-release, I began to waver on my decision.

You may have noticed over the last several days I’ve made some visual changes around of the blog. Specifically, I’ve added a few free patterns to the sidebar on the right. I’ve written almost a dozen patterns now, almost all of them free to the public, and over the next few months I’ll be posting those up to the blog and adding them to the sidebar.

I’ve also got a knitting e-book available for purchase through Ravelry {Ravelry-only link - I'll be sharing a direct link here in the coming weeks}.

Last year around this time I was frantically knitting up fingerless mitts and arm warmers getting ready for the release of my first e-book. It sold moderately well considering the small blog following I have, and then petered out {as these things are known to do without constant marketing}.

As summer hits full swing this year, I’m already planning ahead to the fall and winter months, and even into 2011 a bit. And I’ve got some fun ideas for some new knitting e-books I’m excited to share. As I kept reading about Everett’s new Minimalist Business book, it began to dawn on me: what I’m building is a minimalist business!

Now, I'm not trying to take over the minimalist world - or the knitting world, for that matter. I'm not looking to turn my knitting into a full-time job, and I'm not looking to live location-independant.

However, I am excited to pick up some new tips and tricks for expanding my love of knitting and of writing knitting patterns into a more profitable venture, and Everett's book seems like the perfect fit for that! And with several new e-books in the making, learning a bit more about how to build and maintain a minimalist business makes sense.

As soon as the book became available for purchase again {early this morning, in fact} I snapped up a copy. And for the next 24 hours Everett is offering the book at the original discounted price. After the initial 24-hours the price will go up, but only by a few dollars.

If you’ve ever considered starting a business – online or otherwise – this may be a book you’ll want to snap up. If you’re willing to go in blind, pick one up at the discounted rate over the next day. If you’d rather wait, I’ll be sharing my review of the book {including what I’ve learned and how I plan to apply it to my life} next Tuesday. Hold your money until then and check out what I’ve got to say if that makes you feel more comfortable!

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