Aug 4, 2010

#91 - Orvieto

While I'm not much of a beret girl myself, I know most women are. I've actually been pretty bad and not included many berets in the project, mostly because it drives me a bit batty to knit them {although I'm not really sure why!}, but the Orvieto hat pattern caught my eye, so I added it to the queue.

Not sure if it should have been knit with variegated yarn, but in the end the striping worked out to my advantage - no mass pooling at the crown like I've experienced with so many other variegated yarns throughout this process! I made a child-sized hat, but it stretches quite nicely, and so actually fit me like a saggy hat rather than a beret - bonus for me!  

Specs: Orvieto Hat by Nina Machlin (Ravelry link); knit using gifted variegated yarn and size 8 needles.

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