Sep 28, 2010

Kanoko Pants For Babes {Simple Knits}

I have such a soft spot for baby knits - they tend to work up fast, and just about everything looks ridiculously adorable in miniature. The Kanoko Pants are no exception to this rule - perfect in every way!

I've knit this pattern a few times in the past, and this latest pair of Kanoko pants are about to head out to San Fransisco, where they will joyfully wrap up around the legs of a little girl named Lu who was just born!
With the perfect amount of wiggle room for a diapered butt and three sizes to ensure a fit up to a toddler's wandering legs, these pants work up in three days and have just enough patterning to keep your fingers and needles interested while you work these up.

I love the Kanoko Pants pattern so much that I'll be using it in the future as part of my Knit 10,000 goal - I can picture pants like this by the dozens, in wools and wool blends, ready to head off around the world to keep little legs of all nationalities warm and cozy!

For more info on my version of these pants, see my Ravelry page {viewable by all!}. Those interested in knitting their own Kanoko Pants can download the free pattern on the Ymymmytm Blog.

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