Sep 6, 2010

Knitting Through The Overwhelm

I was all set to share some more thoughts on handling your bad idea yarn skeins this morning, but I'm caught up in some knitting overwhelm and feel compelled to share that instead.

A friend just had a baby. Two friends are due this fall/spring. I'm halfway through knitting hats for Boystown {more on that later this week/next week}. I'm knitting a sweater for myself. I'm helping host an Unconventional Book Tour event. I was recently gifted with a HUGE bag of yarn I'll be sharing about next week. And I just found out a friend has been diagnosed with cancer.

In the last ten minutes I have paced around the house, attempting to simultaneously knit on two different baby blankets, a baby sweater, a pair of baby pants, a sweater, a square, and a chemo cap. I have pulled yarn out and put it away, unsure of what to knit on first and wanting to knit it all at once.

This is not the first time I've found myself in the midst of knitting overwhelm. And while I know it will not be the last, I also know that in the midst of knitting overwhelm, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. All the wandering and binge knitting doesn't seem to get much done besides stress you out, and it feels like you'll never get back to knitting sanity!

Here's what I'm doing today to work through the overwhelm, and hopefully start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ... today.

One. I'm going to grab the project with the biggest needles and knit on it first. This means either the sweater or one of the blankets. By choosing something with big needles, I'm more likely to get through it faster, and feel a sense of accomplishment sooner.

Two. Once a big-needles project is done, I'm going to knit a few hats. I can knock out a few for Boystown, and in between I can knit up a few baby hats to be sent off to friends. These are quick projects and will help not only work through some of the yarn, but also give me a sense of accomplishment.

Three. In the next few days and weeks, anytime I head out of the house I'll bring some of the acrylic for squares. I'll be sharing more about this project next week, but suffice it to say I've found a fun new way to challenge myself to a huge knitting project, and I'm excited to let you all know!

These three steps will not only help me knit through the overwhelm, but will also ensure I get through the plethora of projects I've got on the needles. By setting a simple schedule like this with your very own knitting overwhelm, you can help yourself see the light at the end of the knitting tunnel, and provide simplicity during  a time of turmoil.

I'll share more as I finish the projects in my knitting-filled September for sure, and will hopefully find that by October 1, my knitting overwhelm has turned itself into a pile of finished projects and some peace of mind!

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