Sep 30, 2010

Project 333: The Final Selection

With Project 333 kicking off officially tomorrow, I thought I would share the final choices I’ve made.  Remember, I can only have/wear 33 items of clothing between October 1 and the end of 2010, not including undies, socks, sleepwear, workout gear (haahahah!) and my wedding rings.

When I initially joined on with this challenge, I made quite the perfect little list. Complete with five each of four different types of shirts (tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, and sweaters), my list fit everything I knew my life would be for the coming months. Taking a nod from Gala Darling and her style direction piece for the fall/winter seasons, I came up with some basic rules – nothing as elaborate as what Gala does, but then I’m not really a fashion maven, so it’s understandable!

It was then that things took a turn. For better or worse, I will most likely need to purchase some new clothes in the coming three months. I know it’s coming, but I don’t have the desire or the money to make the purchases now. So I am changing up the rules a bit.

For the time being, I’m sticking with my list, as written back in early September. My simple shirts, three pair pants, and a few accessories should hold me off for at least the first month of the challenge.

However, I am allowing myself the ability to change up my 33 items if need be. I will not have more than 33 items in my active wardrobe for the next three months, and will only replace items on an as-needed basis, changing out one new item for one from the list. Most likely items to be ditched quickly are the tees, jeans, and work pants.

Here is a list of my 33 items, as it stands today:

1-5: Tank tops. These are for layering in cold weather.
6-10: Tee shirts. Work appropriate, and with varying sleeve lengths.
11-15: Long-sleeve shirts. Work appropriate - this includes cardigans as well, as I wear these more often than long-sleeve shirts.
16-20: Sweaters. Pullovers only here, these are for the coldest days of the year.
21. Winter coat.
22. Black knee-high boots
23. Black flats.
24: Black wedges.
25: Grey bag - for when I need to carry a bit more stuff.
26: White purse - this is for my day to day.
27. Black work pants.
28-29: Jeans, one skinny and the other boot cut.
30. Hand-knit hat, black.
31. Husker shirt, red and short-sleeved.
32. Sunglasses.
33. Tan belt.

The beauty of a project like this is in the tweaking, I believe. I’m so excited to see how Courtney tackles the project she came up with, and can’t wait to join in on the Facebook discussion. I also know that the point of this exercise is to be mindful of what we’re wearing and purchasing, and I am more mindful of my wardrobe choices right now than I ever have been. Because of that, I’m comfortable exchanging a few of the items from this list as needed in the coming weeks.

Now that I’ve shared my wardrobe, this is the plan going forward:

I will update in my monthly with how I’m doing on the challenge – what pieces aren’t working, what I’m not using, what I’m missing, and what I’m loving. I’m going to try to take photos of some of the outfits I come up with, and I’ll share those over at my Flickr account, and I'll also share if I end up swapping anything out.

Much like the Thing A Day Challenge from August I know that this is a side project, and a personal one at that, and there will be many of you who will not be interested. I want to minimize boring and off-topic posts as much as possible, so I’m going to try to keep this stuff to monthly updates and that’s it.

Are you participating in Project 333? How much of this are you interested in hearing about as the project kicks off? Any questions or thoughts, I’d love for you to share in the comments!

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