Sep 21, 2010

Seven Women’s Sweater Patterns For Fall {Simple Knits}

Fall is fast approaching, and nothing goes with autumn better than a hand-knit sweater to throw on as the nights get colder. A cardigan is perfect to rock around the campfire, and will keep your arms warm after the warm fall sun goes down!

While most sweater patterns are meant to be knit over time, to show off stitch patterns and design features, my favorite sweaters to knit are the ones that scream minimalism from their very fiber. New sweater patterns crop up every week, but it’s the ones that showcase minimalist design that seem to catch my eye.

These seven sweater patterns are the perfect examples of that minimalist design mentality. Knit with simple techniques, on worsted weight or thicker yarn, and with clear instructions, any of these sweaters should take you less than a month to knit up, leaving you with a warm hand-knit to show off as the weather gets chilly and the leaves fall from the trees!

Minimalist Cardigan {pictured at left}. It’s in the name! Strike against it is the seed stitch pattern throughout – if you love seed stitch you’ll love this! If you’re like me however, you’ll want to knit this one in stockinette

Garter Yoke Cardigan from Knitting School Dropout – clean lines and row after row of stockinette makes this one of my favorites. Strike against it is the waist shaping – leave it out for a slightly looser fit and a quicker knit.

Tea Leaves Cardigan, also from Knitting School Dropout – Ah Melissa, I love your work so much! Tea Leaves picks up where Sweater #22 leaves off – a bit more detail around the neckline, a more luxurious yarn used and you’ve got a wonderfully fancy sweater you can trust to hold up to everyday wear and tear. Bonus points for Melissa’s sweaters being knit in one piece from the top down!

Cardigan Neutral from Vickie Howell – originally written for one of her books, this pattern is now available for free. Thanks Vickie! Plus, it uses Caron yarns, so you can buy what you need for this sweater at your local big box craft store if need be. Just a tiny bit of detail knitting at the bottom will keep you entertained – or leave it out for a super minimalist knit.

Oatmeal Pullover {pictured at right} from Jane Richmond – my love for Jane has extended beyond her hat patterns, and straight into this sweater. I plan to knit one up for at least one family member to give as a holiday gift, and then one for myself for lounging around the house. Jane gets her bonus points from using bulky yarn – this bad boy should whip up in no time at all!

Buttony Sweater from Oh My Stars – I love the side buttons on this bad boy! This sassy sweater is perfect to knit up for the tween or teen in your life to be sure.

Shalom from Meghan McFarlane – this sweater gets super bonus points because I’m pretty sure you could finish it in a week if you tried hard! It’s one downfall? It comes with only one size and no sleeves. However, it’s got a ridiculously huge following on Ravelry, and the notes each knitter adds when they knit it offer up volumes of advice!

Just looking at these sweaters has me excited for brisk fall nights and a new handmade sweater to enjoy them in! I’m hoping to cast on at least one of these in the coming weeks – which one do you think I should make first?

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