Sep 7, 2010

The Art Of Non-Conformity and World Domination

Everyone I know needs to know about Chris Guillebeau. He's the author of The Art Of Non-Conformity, which hits bookstores today, and is also the author of Unconventional Guides that help his readers reach their dreams. And he's been known to hang out with tigers.

A few years ago, Chris set himself the audacious goal of traveling to every country in the world, and decided to take the internet along for the ride. He started a blog, The Art Of Non-Conformity, where he chats a few times a week with his thousands of followers about how they can make their own lives extraordinary.

Thanks to Chris I decided to pursue my own audacious goal of knitting 10,000 items for charity in my lifetime, and began this blog to share with the rest of the world my goal of being a minimalist knitter while using hand-knits for good! Along the way, he decided to write a book. It hit bookstores today, and I was lucky enough to be one of a group of people who got their hands on a preview copy.

I'm going to share a more detailed review later on in the month, but for now I wanted to share a few tidbits.

** By itself, money has no value. We can work our entire lives towards the goal of having "enough" money, but unless we have dreams that expand past that starting point, we will never think we have enough.

** Most of us don't actually want to retire to a beach drinking mojitos all day and being fanned by cabana boys. What will you do when that beach-dream gets old?

** It's easier to know what your dream unconventional life will look like when you know what your dreams really are. Write down your Life List, set goals for the next one, two, five and ten years, and then run with it!

** I love Chris' self-directed, alternative graduate program - starting on some of those steps as we speak!

** Declare war on debt not by cutting out all extra spending, but by cutting out those things which do not add value to your life. Does your coffee add value to your life? Then by all means keep it. But figure out what honestly doesn't add value to your life, and then don't feel bad for cutting it out.

** Radical exclusion and the quest for abundance - I could talk for hours about this, and it was the inspiration for me to kill my life list and focus on knitting 10,000 items for charity!

** Figure out what you can offer to the world that no one else can. If we all gave to the world that which we were made to do, and that which no one else could possibly give as well as us, the world would be changed.

Besides his latest foray into more traditional publishing, Chris has also published several Unconventional Guides. In each of these Guides he helps readers achieve a very specific goal: to earn money as a freelance writer, to master the art of frequent flier miles, to use social media as a way to transform their worlds, and even to break out of the 9-5 traditional job.

I've read several of Chris' guides, and each one has made a marked difference in my world-view. Here are a few I'd recommend {you can view all of Chris' products on his Unconventional Guides Product Page}. Working for Yourself Guide

Create Your Own Freedom is a guide aimed at creative types who are looking to break out of the daily grind of a 9-5 job. With this guide you will walk step-by-step through creating your very own small business, aimed at earning you another form of income! Consider this guide a first-step, a primer and 101 style class for anyone looking to enhance their income or break free of traditional work-systems all-together.

Empire Building Kit The Empire Building Kit picks up where Create Your Own Freedom leaves off. Through a series of daily steps, you will learn how to build your very own empire from the ground up!
Included in this kit are case studies of folks who have build successful empires, videos from Chris, and an e-mail a day for an entire year walking you through the process of building your Empire!

Frequent Flyer MasterFor those looking to travel the world, the Frequent Flyer Master is for you! This guide breaks down the ins and outs of the frequent flyer system, and in it Chris shares how he maintains frequent flyer points of up to (and sometimes over!) 100,000 miles!
This e-book helps you figure out how to use your miles on a variety of airlines and in a variety of ways!

This fall, in celebration of his new book coming out, Chris is traveling to 63 different cities across the United States, hosting his very own book tour! While most authors travel to a few key {read: larger, flagship} cities, Chris is heading off to every state in the union on his Unconventional Book Tour.

As he travels, he will be meeting with folks from cities as diverse as Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, Memphis, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Boise and Denver. He's also making a stop here in Omaha, and I'm proud to be helping host the event for him!

If you're anywhere near Omaha, head on out the evening of September 24th to meet Chris and learn more about his unconventional journey. There might just be cupcakes! {more information to come, and you can let Chris know you're coming on his Unconventional Book Tour website!}

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