Oct 5, 2010

Mustard Scarf {Simple Knits}

While it may be the beginning of October and the rush for Halloween costume greatness is on the minds of most, I have been thinking of holiday hand-knits for at least a month now. I'm always on the look-out for a pattern that hits my personal trifecta for the holidays: it knits up fast, it looks good when finished, and I can use the pattern for at least three people on my large list.

Trifecta, meet the Mustard Scarf.


My first version of this amazing pattern from Jane Richmond, this scarf is not very mustard to be sure, but is perfect for its recipient - who picked out the yarn herself! Knit using massively large needles {size 15!} but using worsted weight yarn, this is a scarf that knits up quick and dirty, and would look amazing with just about any yarn.

I knit the Mustard Scarf a fair bit longer than the pattern calls for - meant to wrap around the neck just once, I wanted enough length to wrap around the neck at least twice before buttoning - the loose weave means more length will give better protection from the elements.

Despite this small change, the scarf only took a few hours to knit up - the pattern is quick to remember, and football on a Saturday to keep my mind occupied is the perfect setting for a holiday list attack of the Mustard Scarf variety to be sure.

If you know me in real life and are female, chances are one of these will make its way into your hands for the holidays - you will not be disappointed! I can't wait to try this sucker out on some nubby hand-spun, with some wooly goodness, and even rock out a few solids for good measure!

To see my notes on the project, head to my Ravelry page {anyone can view it}, and to knit one yourself, visit Jane's Ravelry shop and pick up the free pattern.

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