Nov 23, 2010

a few Thanksgiving links

My goal for the next few days? Spend less time on the internet and more time with family {and knitting, of course!} - this means I'll be taking a bit of a digital sabbatical. I'll be off the blog, off Twitter and Facebook, and only occasionally checking e-mail.

While I'm gone, don't forget that if you purchase Holiday Made Simple before December 1st, you'll be signed up to receive an e-mail from me every day in December with some fun holiday tips and tricks to help make your season run a bit more smooth!

Until next Monday, here's a few fun Thanksgiving-minded links I've stumbled across in the past few days - enjoy!

Make a table runner using fabric scraps.
Yummy homemade hummus.
Add some pretty party balloons to your decorations!
Pretty up your mantle with a Thanksgiving theme.
Gorgeous November Leaves hat pattern.
Seven simple dining room DIY projects.
Some projects to celebrate fall.
Bite-sized pumpkin pies are too cute!

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