Nov 9, 2010

Color Coded Yarn Shelves

Thanks to some lovely donations by some wonderful folks, my yarn stash has jumped back up from a three-month stash to a much larger number. Most of that yarn has been sitting in bags in the office closet, and I’ve found myself rummaging through them, hunched over with my body half enveloped in the yarn, trying to find the skein I need for the project at hand.

This means of course that I have far more yarn than I’ll use in the next three months, and that some serious work needed to be done to get back to my minimalist yarn state. By Halloween weekend I’d had enough, and so I decided to take the shelves in our office that had heretofore been holding mostly random bits of stuff, and turn them into my yarn shelves.

Shelves before

Thanks to my new camera, I can now capture much more of the messy details of the shelves, and of just how non-minimalist the office still is. Piles of stuff are everywhere, most needing to be gone through and all the items donated – but isn’t it so much easier to sit down with needles and yarn and make something warm and cozy?

Thanks to some inspiration from Twinkie Chan’s shelves of color-coded yarn, I decided I was no longer going to hunch over bags or rifle through drawers, instead creating for myself a yarn-themed shelving unit!
First up was clearing off the shelves. At this moment, everything on those shelves is pretty much in one big box on the floor of the office – that’s this week’s project. Once the shelves were cleaned off and wiped down, I began to sort through yarn.

No photos unfortunately, of the disaster that took place over the course of about two hours. Suffice it to say, I made a pile on the floor of unfinished projects {of which there were around a dozen in the donated bags of yarn}, and began to pile the rest of the yarn onto the shelves, one skein at a time, and divided by color.

Shelves after

The shelves quickly took on colorful life. It’s amazing to head into the room and see my yarn at a glance, know what I have and what I can make with it all – it’s even better to know that I found yarn I’d thought I’d donated that I needed for a small project for a friend on the West Coast!

Once the yarn was on the shelves, the rest of the week was spent at the ball winder, undoing all the fantastic 70’s patterns – mostly sweaters – and transforming the yarn back into usable cakes. Those have now all been added to the shelves, all the old bags and patterns disposed of, and a big project called complete.

I’m excited to start knitting hats and scarves and cowls and mitts from all this yarn – I’ve already been pairing much of it with patterns for the shop in my mind, and wish for more hours in the day to whip through some of them!

The room is by no means done – I still have to tackle the stuff I pulled off the shelves, finish emptying out the closet, and work on a few craft projects to make the room feel more like and office and crafty space, and less like a catch-all. And I’m going to have to come up with some simple projects to sell in the shop to use up the majority of this yarn, as I want to get back down to my three-month supply by January 2011 if possible.

I’m happy to report the yarn re-organization has been a success though, and is something I’ll stick with for at least the next six months! Now, if only I could convince Zach to whip up some boards for inside each cubby – I’m dreaming of diagonal dividers like the fancy yarn shops have ….

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