Nov 18, 2010

dreaming of ...

While I knit away on holiday presents and plot new baby items for a friend who will be welcoming a little boy into her family in April (!!!!!), I can't help but dream of a few other things ...

Nola slippers

Slippers to cushion my cold feet all winter long, like these gorgeous ones from Spiderwoman Knits.

Skirts with elastic waistbands and long-sleeve tees like Naomi rocked with her pumpkin.
She and he

Our very own "she and he" book like the one Elise has been working on.
Lion brand

A pile of yarn like this ...

used to make an Oatmeal sweater like Jane's.

Can't wait to start sharing holiday projects next week ... I've got a few fun things up my sleeve already, and am excited to plot a few more as I stare jealously through our neighbor's window at their Chirstmas tree already up!

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