Nov 4, 2010

Introducing ... November Holiday Spotlights!

I wanted to take up some space this holiday season showcasing some of the blogs and shops I love to spend web-time flipping through. Rather than just put up some sidebar buttons all willy-nilly, I sent out a few e-mails and was blessed to have a few lovely ladies and gents sign on to test-run this sidebar feature.

Today I'm going to take a few minutes to introduce them to you - be sure to swing on into each of their virtual homes and say hello!

I've read Elise's blog for several years now - I think she'd just moved to the East Coast to be with her love Paul when I discovered her. Now she's a married lady living on the West Coast and crafting amazing things out of paper and photos!

I'm super excited to be sharing a link to her holiday books with you - these books are the perfect way to preserve your holiday memories, and each is handmade! Perfect for the photos you take, jotting down daily thoughts on the season, or using for a December Daily album!

Last month I advertized on Liz's blog, and was touched by the number of people that swung by to say hello and visit me and this little space. Now that Liz has Little Gray Suitcase open for business, I'm excited to help her promote it.

Packed full with vintage and indie finds, LGS is the perfect online stop for thrifty-minded ladies looking to add a one-of-a-kind new piece to their wardrobes. Liz's eye is tremendous, and I already want at least half the items she's got listed! Your best bet is to head there now and beat me to the punch, for sure!

How much do I love Jane Richmond? Well .... those of you who have been around for some time know I used as many of her patterns as I could for the One Hundred Hats project, and that I continue to knit them up on a regular basis for friends and family.

Jane's design sensibility when it comes to knitting patterns is something to behold - she's able to take a gorgeous piece and whittle it down to simple and easy-to-follow instructions so even those of us who tend to -ahem- take liberties with patterns can't screw it up too bad!

I'm excited to finally be able to give back a little to this lady who has brought so many great patterns to life! {p.s. - Jane, if you're listening, can you make the Oatmeal pattern into a cardi?}

Actual Web Space is the brain child of my friend Raam. After spending several months living with less than 50 things while traveling the world, Raam is now plotting how to change the world while giving back as much as possible!

I'm excited that he's also hosting web space now as well - the rates are comparable with places like Dreamhost and Go Daddy, and i'm betting you'll get some superstar customer service to boot!

I've followed the blogging adventures of all the ladies from Red Velvet off and on for some time, but I'm consistently most inspired by Rachel's home/family balance, shared at Smile and Wave. This mama of two small kiddos and wife to a military man makes it all look easy - all while being honest about just how easy it truly is not.

If I could pick her up and bring her to Omaha to help me style my home and myself, I'd do so in a heartbeat - with a little more minimalist bent, of course! Looking for inspiration? Head here for sure!

Last but not least there's Elise, founder of Red Velvet and the blogging goddess of A Beautiful Mess. This lady awes me with all she accomplishes - blogging several times a day, opening her own successful resale and crafty shop, running an online business, and consistently producing amazing online courses.

I want to learn to snap photos as gorgeous as hers, to style my wardrobe as feminine and spunky as hers, and to promote myself and succeed as well as she does!

Thanks so much to each of you for letting me share your stuffs in this space - direct links to these lovely folks will be up in the farthest right sidebar for the rest of the month, and through December as well!

If you like the idea of this - sharing small businesses and crafty-minded folks in an ad-like way, please let me know. I'm considering making it a regular part of the blog, and would charge a nominal sponsor fee if people like it. In exchange, I'd be able to bring you giveaways, more fun links to amazing crafty content, and so much more that I can't even begin to imagine - I'm excited just thinking about it!

For now, give these folks some web-love: swing on by their blogs and shops and tell them how you found them, and if you like what they're offering up!

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