Nov 19, 2010

my very own handmade holiday challenge!

I read a post yesterday about how as a blogger I have to share how I’m living my message – I think lately I’ve gotten so caught up in stuff {writing an e-book, knitting commissioned items, general life stuff} that I’ve forgotten my goal of being more minimalist with my life – I’d still like to use what I’ve got, spend less money, and in general pare down my life.

However, it’s also the holiday season, which has traditionally been a time of spending, bringing new stuff in, and forgetting all my goals and plans completely! In an effort to reign myself in, get back to my crafty supplies, and remind myself of my minimalist goals, I’m creating my very own Handmade Holiday Challenge!

I’d like to do all of my holiday decorating, and as much of my holiday gifting, from what we’ve already got around the house this year {that's last year's tree above, by the way}. This means gone are my big plans for a brand new large wreath for our door, but let in is a new idea for a wreath-filled hanging thing for the door (if I can pull it off). Gone are some of the other plans I may have been plotting, but welcomed in are brand new ideas for how to make our home more holiday-tastic without purchasing a bunch of new things.

So I’m going to work on doing just that – using up the supplies I’ve got, working with what I’ve got, and crafting a more minimalist life. In the coming 30-some days, I’ll share as many of these projects and plans as humanly possible, along with instructions on how to create your own versions as well as how these projects and plans fit in with my idea of a minimalist holiday. Ready?? GO!

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