Nov 8, 2010

October Squares Update

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! At the end of September, I smugly decided that I would be able to knit and crochet my way at least halfway through the squares for my goal in October - based on the numbers I'd managed to whip through in September, it seemed like a no-brainer.

October squares
It would appear I was sadly mistaken - I only managed to work through 12 squares the entire month. People, that's less than one every other day! And the worst part? I made them all pretty much in one evening, while hanging out at a friend's house watching a football game.

Looks like it's time to step it up for November - I need to whip through like 33 squares if I want to come close to finishing up my goal by the end of the year - a totally do-able thing, so long as I actually set myself to doing it.

I took the first steps the other day - while organizing my yarn onto the office shelves, I set up a bucket for all the little scraps. Now, when I'm up in the office {usually while Zach does the P90X workout in the family room in the evenings} I can just grab the bucket and crochet away for an hour or so - perfect for watching a movie and curling up in the office chair.

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