Nov 15, 2010

Quick Holiday Knits: For The Home

When you're at a loss for what to give someone, but know they love to receive hand-knits, consider gifting them with something they can use around their home. These types of gifts work especially well for newlyweds or those who have just purchased or rented a new home - everything is new to them, and it's the perfect time to gift them something new for their new abode!

Oh So Soft Washcloths. While the pattern says these are for babies, these are amazing for just about any home use.

Easy Peasy Dishcloths. Another pattern that’s perfect for gifting to new home owners, these dishcloths work up like a dream in your favorite cotton, and have always been one of the most well-used and well-loved gifts I’ve given.

Puff Daddy. A kitschy gift for a fun friend or perfect for a child’s room, this puff knits up quickly thanks to bulky yarn and big needles, and you can use recycled materials to stuff it. Win win for sure!

Knit Coffee Sleeve. Know a coffee-addict? This is the perfect little ditty to whip up for them. It will fit around almost any coffee mug, and the cabling detail will make them think you slaved for weeks, when it was only a few hours!

Free Pattern: I-Cord Tree Garland

Depending on how fast you knit with big needles and thicker yarn, this may take you longer or shorter, but whipping up some I-Cord Garland to adorn someone’s tree, bookshelves, windows or table is a great way to use up scraps or work through an especially thick ball of acrylic. Based off the idea from Soulemama, you can download the free pattern I wrote here, or follow the instructions below!
Materials Needed:
  • Worsted weight yarn in your color and fiber of choice. Grab from your stash here, folks - it will make a more festive garland!

  • Size 10 DPNs. You will only use two of them, or you can use a circular needle if you prefer.

  • Darning needle for hiding ends.

Cast on five stitches. Work in I-Cord stitch to desired length. Bind off all stitches and cut end. Weave end into the center of the I-Cord, and you're done!

Working the I-Cord Stitch:

The I-Cord stitch is super easy to work on it's own. Rather than work back and forth, you slide the stitches back and forth, creating a tube of knit stitches. Here's a video that will show you how to do it.

And that, as they say, is that! Here’s hoping I was able to share with you at least one or two patterns you can gladly use for each person on your list, making your holiday knitting time a bit easier and giving you some new ideas for those on your list that have had you stymied.

Remember, at the end of the season no one will know you cut down your hand-knits list, and people will appreciate small handmade items just as much as larger ones – sometimes more if they’re items they know will be used and loved!

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