Nov 22, 2010

Simple Knits: November 22nd

The holidays are fast approaching, and hopefully you've got some time to focus on some quick projects to decorate your home as well as wrap under the tree!

Last week I shared a simple I-cord idea for garland, and it got me thinking. What if I don’t want to make that much I-cord, but still want some handmade garland for the holiday season? I took that physical challenge, and looked up the following knit and crochet garland patterns. They’re so cute, I had to share!


November 22nd: Flower Garland. This is a flower scarf, but I love that you can just keep going on it and make it into garland for your window, your tree, or your door!

November 23rd: Bauble Garland {pictured above}. Another item meant to be jewelry, but perfect for new crocheters, and easy to whip up yard by yard!

November 24th: Polka-Dot Garland. I want this so bad - and it's the perfect crochet garland to carry with you on Thanksgiving Day!

November 25th: Crochet Snowflake Bunting. The perfect decoration for around your windows or hanging from your tree!

November 26th: Advent Calendar Garland! What a fun way to celebrate Advent - with hand-knits

November 27th: Knitted Bunting. This is a more traditional garland piece, but I'd love to hang this across my fireplace mantle!

November 28th: Traditional-Looking Garland. This  looks most like traditional garland, and a great way to use up that Fun Fur!

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