Nov 5, 2010

Simple Knits — November 5th

I'm super excited to start bringing you more simple knits to whip up in no time at all. My criteria for these projects? Either they can be worked up in under a week, or the stitch pattern is simple enough that even if the project takes a little longer {sweaters, blankets and such} you don't feel like pulling your hair out the entire time!

To kick things off, I've mined my Google Reader for some fun finds. The plan is to share one for each day of the coming week - so each Friday you'll get a sweet pattern suggestion for said Friday through the coming Thursday!


November 5th and 6th: Sophie's Slouch And Mitts {pictured above}. Another great set from Through The Loops, and with only a bit of cabling these items should whip up in no time!

November 7th: The Super Easy Baby Blanket. While this one will probably take you longer than a day to complete, the garter stitch squishyness can't be beat, and you can seriously use any colors, fibers, and needle size to get this one accomplished!

November 8th: Holly, Ivy or Steve. Looking for a few cute projects to knock off for the holiday season? Check out these three adorable mini monsters from Danger Crafts! I've got a few of their larger counterparts on the docket for Christmas presents, but these little guys are ornament-sized, so they should take less time to finish up!

November 9th: Ribbed Hand Warmers. Super simple, and depending on color choice would work for either a man or a woman. Ribbing means you really don't have to focus on sizing as much, and can let the knitting take you over!

November 10th: Tephra Pullover. The majority of this gorgeous sweater is stockinette stitch, containing just a bit of patterning to keep it interesting. Could be the perfect knit for a traveling holiday season - long car rides are the best time for rows of stockinette.

November 11th: Round out your week with the Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf. Just a bit of leafy detail at both ends makes this scarf a gorgeous hand-knit present for a loved one, but all that stockinette in the middle means you don't pull your hair out working with charts for hours on end!

Next week I hope to bring a bit of themed action to the Simple Knits party - should be easy to figure out where I'm going to focus, if you know what I love to knit best!

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