Nov 10, 2010

Simplify Your Holiday In Five Steps

In just a week, Holiday Made Simple will be sent out to those who pre-ordered, as well as become available for immediate purchase. There’s just a few days left to get your copy of A Very Charity Holiday when you pre-order Holiday Made Simple – to celebrate, I wanted to share five easy ways you can simplify your holiday.

Holiday made simple

Schedule as many appointments before December 1 as possible. This includes getting your hair cut, taking your dog to the vet, doctor visits, and even a fresh oil change for your car. The more appointments you can tackle before December 1 rolls around and the holiday celebrations begin in force, the less stress you’ll feel as the month goes on.

Two. Mail as much as you can from you home – avoid the post office! Thanks to, you can send not just letters but packages directly from your front door. Simply weigh the package, and then print a label and ship! Lines at the post office are always epic in December, so anything you need to send – bills, presents, and more – are best shipped direct from your home.

Three. Donate the decorations you no longer use. Rather than continue to store box after box of holiday decorations you no longer us, consider donating them. You can bring them to your local homeless shelter, refugee center, or Goodwill. Or you can put an ad up on Craig’s List, offering them up for free to those who will come pick them up. Just get those old ornaments and decorations out of your basement!

Four. Make big batches of food to freeze, making meal planning a breeze. It’s hard to find time to cook between present-making, party attendance, and time with family and friends in December – make it easier by freezing meals ahead of time. Grill chicken breasts, brown hamburger meat, even pre-make lasagna or pasta and freeze it for those evenings when there’s no time to start from scratch!

Five. As soon as cards enter your home, use the envelopes to update your address book. This is the perfect time to be sure you’ve got the correct addresses for all those relatives you hardly ever see, and once you’ve got your book updated, you can toss the envelopes knowing you’re good for at least the next 364 days!

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