Dec 17, 2010

20 Things To Do Before The First

  1. Return all unwanted/unneeded holiday gifts.

  2. Drink hot chocolate by a fire – real or not.

  3. Walk around your neighborhood to see all the holiday lights.

  4. Donate all unused holiday decorations rather than put them back into storage.

  5. Turn used wrapping paper into paper snowflakes to hang from your windows all winter long!

  6. Rock out to your holiday music playlist until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

  7. Donate as much $$$ as you can afford to the charity of your choice.

  8. Pick up the clearance candy canes at your grocery store a few days after Christmas and use them to make peppermint brownies.

  9. Bang pots and pans at midnight to ring in 2011.

  10. Make snow angels and snowmen if you’re lucky enough to have enough snow!

  11. Take photos. Use the camera on your phone if you have to.

  12. Leave baked goods on the doorstep of your next door neighbors. Ding Dong Ditch in the best possible way!

  13. Ladies, clean out all that old makeup from your bag – if you can’t remember when you purchased it, or when you wore it last, toss it!

  14. Bloggers, schedule a few posts for the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day so you don’t have to turn your computer on.

  15. Call your family members who you don’t get to see very often.

  16. Rock a sparkly pair of tights, socks, or shirt.

  17. Draw in the sky with sparklers.

  18. Dress your pets up in reindeer antlers – and ignore your husband when he tells you “cats don’t wear clothes!”

  19. Kiss all your friends on the cheek at midnight. Bonus points if you’re wearing bright red lipstick and they all have marks on their cheeks!

  20. Drop a bag of fresh fruits and veggies off at your local homeless shelter and/or food bank.

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