Dec 30, 2010

2011 Knitting Goals

A few days ago, I shared my desire to make 2011 the year of the vest. I’m super excited about that goal, and all the fun knitting it will bring for me.

Thanks in part to setting that goal, I’ve been doing some evaluating of my knitting over the last year, and it's because of this evaluation I’ve set my sites in two directions for 2011.

1. Track everything I knit.

It would be most helpful if I had some way to judge my knitting over 2010 – total number of knits completed, number of knits made for charity, etc – but I don’t seem to have tracked my knits very well. I posted photos of most knits to Flickr and kept track of a fair number on Ravelry, but was not consistent enough to feel confident in the numbers I’d come up with.

For 2011 I’ll be doing this here on the blog, utilizing the photo album feature. I've added a link to the sidebar so that anyone at any time can click over and see what I’ve knit.

2. Knit 150 items for charity.

Thanks to not having documented every knit I made last year, I have no idea how many items I truly donated!
I do know I knit one hundred hats for charity over one year’s time, along with 32 other hats. I worked up around 50 squares, and managed to knit tons of holiday gifts for friends and family. If I had to estimate, I’d say I worked my way through just less than 200 items in 2010.

With that in mind, I've decided to set a goal of knitting a total of 150 items for charity. That surpasses my 132 hats from last year by a bit, but I think it's do-able.

In the mix will be at least 52 vests, but I’m also hoping to whip up a bunch of slippers and mittens to send along each time I mail out a package. I'll be packing these knits into paper boxes {sourced from work!}, and dividing the shipments between Nest: Maine and Wool Aid..

I already know which patterns I'll be using for these items, so I'm ready to get knitting as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Saturday!

A lofty goal for sure, but if I knit three items a week for charity, I’ll end up above my goal!

Two little goals, but they add up to a year packed full with knitting. I’m excited to watch myself work through each of my charity projects this year, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to meet my goals easily!

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