Dec 8, 2010

simple Christmas trees

Taking a moment to welcome readers from Be More With Less to the blog - enjoy your time here, feel free to poke around, and have some fun! I've got a guest post over at Courtney's blog today, sharing my top three steps to a simplified holiday, so if you've never visited her blog, today's a good day to head over!

Now, on ot the trees!

Trees step 4
For our foyer, I wanted some super simple trees to stand up next to our "keys bowl". I knew I wanted something that would use up some of my large yarn collection, but also knew I didn't want to knit up or crochet trees.

I decided to pick up some foam trees on sale from Hobby Lobby, and simply wrap them in yarn ... here's how I did it:

Trees step 1
Step One: Lay out newspaper. This is seriously key, because I'm a super slob with glue and knew I'd get it all over our table otherwise!

Trees step 2
Step Two: Cut your yarn into 3" sections, and glue to the top of the foam tree. I didn't want to leave the foam sitting out on the trees, and so I did this to cover the top. It looks messy now, but it'll get smoothed out in just a minute.

Trees step 3
Step Three: Wrap your yarn around the tree. You can see how I made lines of glue down the sides of the cone - I simply carried those all the way down, and wrapped the yarn clockwise around the cone until the bottom.

I followed these three steps three more times - once more with white yarn and then twice with red - so that I'd have a tiny forest of trees on our foyer dresser {seen above}. The whole process took just under an hour, including picture taking, and I love the results!

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