Feb 28, 2011

Simple Knits: Boneyard Shawl


I may not be much of a shawl knitter, but I recognize the importance of keeping a good shawl pattern on-hand. So many knitters not only love to knit shawls, they have also become somewhat of a go-to gift for times of sorrow, times of joy, and even as a "just-because" gift.

The Boneyard Shawl pattern from Stephen West is quite possibly the perfect pattern for a first-time shawl knitter like myself. When I whipped up the one pictured last fall, I had never worked a shawl, didn't think I'd enjoy it one bit, and found myself relishing the simple increases, the subtle patterning, and how quickly this item found itself moving from yarn cake to finished item.

Never knit a shawl, but interested in giving it a try? The Boneyard Shawl pattern is a free download, and if you grab a few skeins of stash yarn, you won't miss any of your hard-earned cash while you test it out! Bonus points for the pattern being written for any yarn gauge and needle size!

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