Apr 11, 2011

on moving forward, and moving on ...

Hello again my lovelies! What a wonderful week off it was! I filled my time with thinking, dreaming, plotting and planning. I went back and forth about a dozen times with a few different ideas, and then went back to my original idea just as the clock was ticking down on the weekend.

Now that it’s Monday again, I’ve made up my mind and am excited to share my new direction … moving forward and moving on!

I find it funny that as I plotted my 2011, while I knew we’d be pregnant and that would bring about a lot of changes, I assumed my blog would become a “safe space” from all the change. I figured I’d relish in showing up here often and blogging strictly about the intersection between minimalism and craft. I plotted some branding along those lines, and have had a few fun projects in the works for a few months now.

And then March hit … or was it February? It was long before the warm weather that’s starting to hit Omaha, that’s for sure! Whenever it hit, I became super restless – maybe you’ve noticed? I’ve shared less and less about the knitting in my life, and instead fallen back on old favorites – list making, round-ups and book reviews. And that’s when I realized something …

I no longer want to be THE spokesperson for minimalist knitting.

In the last year I’ve met hundreds of people, both offline and on, who are looking at their knitting differently. They are paring down their stashes, knitting from tried and true patterns they know and love, and sending more and more items off to charity. I’d say the movement is in full swing, and doing wonderfully!

And as for me? I find myself in a sort of limbo. I am knitting and love knitting items for charity. I am knitting and love knitting items for our little one. But to write more about minimalist knitting weighs me down, steals a bit of my joy, and makes me want to throw in the towel.

It seems self-evident – knit with what you have, knit what you love, and figure out that there will always be more yarn. Simple.

I’ve waivered quite dramatically in the last few weeks about shutting this space down entirely, starting up a new space, or even taking myself off the internet all-together. In the end, none of these ideas made much sense to me.

I have built this space over the last year. What’s more, I’ve blog-hopped for the last half-decade and have grown weary of it. I know what I’d like to get out of blogging, and by jumping here and there, I will never get it.

I want a space to curate my life. To share what’s working, what isn’t, the ins and outs and ups and downs of my life. I want a blog that can be turned into a little book once a year, full of the photos and words and even recipes we as a family have loved – something to look back on as we grow up and old together.

Right now, this is not that space. But it could be.


I’m sticking here, with Minimalist Knitter, for the foreseeable future. This is something both exciting and a bit frightening for me. Will potential readers be turned off by the name? Will I continue to struggle to make this my home with a name that does not encompass all that I want this space to be?

For now, I’m going to tackle these issues head on, and move forward with this blog and this life.

I plan to show up here as often as I’d like {most likely almost daily, just as I have been doing}, and sharing photos and words from my daily life. Thoughts on this pregnancy, along with finished knits posts, will continue to grace this space, along with whatever else I can brainstorm.


There are also a few things I’m going to be letting go of.

The Essential Patterns series has worn itself out of me, and so I am going to set up a page linking to the archived posts, as well as share a final “how I put my binder together” type of post at some point in the near future.

Knitting 101 style posts and more wordy articles on Minimalist Knitting as a movement will also begin to fade. As I have thoughts on these two subjects I will of course share them, but it will not be something I force upon myself any longer. Again, I’m going to set up a page linking to archived posts, so that those interested in Minimalist Knitting have somewhere to go.

I’m excited to open up this space a bit more, share more of the little life my husband and I are building together, and the knits that come off my needles all the while.

You’ll notice a few changes going into effect almost immediately – some having to do with the layout, some to do with archive-based pages, and more. I’ll try to remember to announce them for those of you who read in a feed reader, but I may forget … can we chalk it up to pregnancy brain, give air kisses, and move on?

Here’s hoping you’ll stick around and join this fun ride!

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