Apr 21, 2011

sleep sack 001

Sack 3
Sack 2
Sack 1
pattern: snug as a bug sleepsack, altered a bit.

yarn: I Love This Yarn! soldis, light blue

needles: size US 8 16" circulars.


I have been hard at work the past week or so, sorting and shopping and plotting for this little monster. He will be born just as fall hits our Midwestern city, which means before he's even a few weeks old he will begin to need blankets and sweaters and hats to help keep his little body warm against the fall breezes that blow through.

On my list has been a set of four sleep sacks, made using my own pattern that is being altered a bit. Hopefully these four sacks will help keep him warm as he sleeps, wrapped in mama hand-knits throughout the winter.

I'm making a few mods, as I said - I am actually in the process of revamping and adding to this free pattern, making notes as I knit for my little boy. The goal is to have the pattern ready for re-release by mid-May ... still free, but now with a button-opening at the bottom and a bit longer to give more use.

This sleep sack contains my first set of mods - body knit to 20" long rather than only 17" or so. Several friends have commented at how fast their littles grew out of the sleep sacks I made them, even after moving the sack down on their little bodies to the waist. By giving the sack a full 20", it will be long on our monster at first, but will be able to keep almost all of his little body warm that much longer!

I'm not yet satisfied with the button band. Not enough space before the button holes yet, and the end rolls in a way I'm not fond of. A few mods have been noted, and I've cast on for the second sleep sack already - hopefully the mods will work in my favor this time around!

For now, this sack has been added to the small but growing pile of teenie little items for our teenie little man.

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