Apr 18, 2011

spring game 2011

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This year's spring game was just as much fun as the previous years!

+ We got to Lincoln around 11am, and proceeded to eat our weight in Watering Hole wings. Their secret? They grill them after they fry them!

+ Everyone {but me} enjoyed their fair share of Elk Creek. If you ask the bartenders at Sandy's what's in it, they'll say "orange juice and alcohol". What type of alcohol, you apparently don't want to know, but you certainly can't taste it! I was sad to have missed out this year!

+ We three ladies headed to the bookstore after halftime to shop a bit.

+ The weather, which was supposed to be in the low 40's and windy, turned out to be just perfect - no coats needed, and our cheeks may have even gotten a bit pink!

We have gone to Lincoln now for enough games that it feels like my second city - I know where the best bars are, the perfect time to hit the Walgreens if you've forgotten something, and where to find the free parking that isn't too far away from the action.

I'll most likely miss out on games this fall, so it was good to get to Lincoln for the spring game .. and to bring our little guy out for the festivities, even if he didn't know he was there. Next year when we drive down, we'll be bringing him with us for sure!

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