Apr 12, 2011

spring/summer stash bust

While it's not "officially" summer for a few more weeks yet, I wanted to share with you my big summer project, the Summer Stash Bust! Back in 2009-2010, I knit up 100 hats to donate to charity. Those hats ended up heading off to Maine for a charity called Nest, and I couldn't have been happier to begin a partnership with them as those packages were shipped.

In the last year Jean {the lady behind the Nest} and I have exchanged a few e-mails, and I've consistently looked for ways to help her charity reach more and more folks. The power of a huge knitting project such as One Hundred Hats left me feeling like I truly could change the world with hand-knits! And with summer approaching, my knitting is once again looking to accessories - hats, in particular.

 Nest: Maine can't get enough hats, you see. They are sent across Maine: to homeless shelters, church missions, schools, hospitals, day care centers and more. Needed in all sizes {and in gender neutral colors please!}, these hats warm the heads of folks living in some pretty cold conditions! Over the next four months I am once again making it my mission to help, and bust through some of my stash at the same time!

My goal is to knit 40 hats between April 15 and August 31, package them up, and send them off to Nest: Maine! For those of you wanting to jump on board, I'm starting up a knit-along in the Minimalist Knitter Ravelry group, where we'll be encouraging one another all spring and summer long as we knit through hats to donate to Nest: Maine!

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