Jun 21, 2011

charity: Water birthday drive update

There's little more than a week left to help me sponsor clean water for some folks who need it, thanks to my charity: Water page drive for my birthday!

Water 1
So far, I've raised just under $500 towards my goal of $3,400 for my 34th - with just about 10 days left, I've got a long ways to go, but I'm hopeful we can do it!

I'm offering up free patterns from my shop for folks who donate as well! charity: water does not send me any of your information when you donate, so if you want to claim a free pattern after you've donated, simply shoot me an e-mail (rmcdevine@gmail.com) so I can get you your coupon code!

Water 2

Please consider helping out, and donating even $1.00 to this amazing cause. I shared a bunch of information about charity: water earlier this month, and several generous folks (including my amazing husband!) have donated already to help me reach my goal!

And if you've already donated, thanks so much - I'd also love it if you could spread the word, help me get folks donating!

{all images are from the charity: water blog}

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