Jun 28, 2011

loving lately: Ozetta's blog

As some of you may know, when I come across a blog I'm instantly in love with, I stalk through all of their posts backwards until I find myself at the beginning of their blog. The most recent "victim" of this blog-stalking is Hailey of Ozetta.

The Ozetta shop is full of handmade items - both knit and crochet - for all seasons. Hailey creates a "line" each season and her creations are always gorgeous! As a knitter and crocheter myself, her shop inspires me to go the extra mile with my creations, to figure out better and more unique ways to photograph them, and even has me itching to own my very own Ozetta creation, and soon!

A few things I've learned from stalking the Ozetta blog in the past few days:


+ make your own bracelets, using 1/2 off beads from the store. I've always wanted to be a bracelet girl, but my wrists are too small for most adult-sized bracelets. This idea is aces!

+ take more photos. Every post on the Ozetta blog is chock-full of photographs, and I'm in love with it!


+ use a planner more effectively. Rather than just keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries, and coffee dates, she also uses her planner to track what shop items need to be made on what days. Brilliant!

+ choose a wardrobe palette and stick with it. Most of Heidi's clothes seem to be black, white, and grey. I love this idea, and hope to work slowly into something similar when the monster gets here and I'm out of maternity wear. Everything goes together, and you can show off hand-knits better this way!

+ offer a "standard" color line, but be sure to offer vegan/acrylic options for folks as well.

Yarn choices

+ if I come up with a specific yarn palette for finished knits, take photos of that palette in a unique way!

+ take new shop photos once a year, even for "older" items. This means I may have to keep samples on-hand always, but that's okay ... right?


+ wrap sold items up simply, but beautifully!

+ stick to one color palette for all items {one yarn weight as much as possible as well?}. This will make it easier to keep yarn in stock for made-to-order items.

+ baker's twine.

Free shipping

+ kick off the holiday season with free shipping on orders placed between Thanksgiving and December 1st.

You can pick up amazing hand knit and crochet creations in the Ozetta shop - she ships worldwide!
{all photos from the Ozetta blog, taken by Hailey}

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