Jun 21, 2011

meet my Gussy Sews pouch!

Gussy 1

A few months ago, after stumbling on the Gussy blog and shop, I picked up my very own Sweet Alabama Clutch. She was just debuting them on the blog, and I fell instantly in love. While I may be a gal who can't seem to pass up a good pouch, clutch or bag, from the moment this clutch showed up in my mail box, I knew a love affair had begun!

First of all - Maggie says all over her shop that it takes a few weeks to get your Gussy product. She and her assistants hand-make everything, so this makes sense. But I swear it was no more than 30 seconds after I placed my order that the Sweet Alabama Clutch was in my hot little hands. Eat your heart out Jimmy John's!

Gussy 2

{taken to the CWS - wallet, phone, gum, two chapsticks/glosses, and cuticle cream - and room to spare!}

My Gussy Clutch found immediate space in my purse - perfect for helping me keep track of my chapstick, my lotion, a spare pen and more, I've put this clutch to the test several times using it to carry my wallet and phone as well when I've wanted to be more streamlined.

Whoo-boy, did this clutch hold up to my tests - and I am NOT kind or gentle on my bags! I've taken this bad boy to bars, movies, out to dinner, and even to the College World Series! It's been dropped, spilled on, carried by it's corner, and tucked under my arm - and it still loves me!

The quality of Gussy's products are outstanding - no way I could sew like this, and I'm sure thankful I don't have to!

I love my large clutch so much I'm ordering a few to give as special presents over the next few months - can't say for whom or what though, so you'll have to wait and be surprised just like the recipients will be!

To pick up your own Gussy Pouch - or one of her bags, clutches or even headbands! - head on over to the Gussy Shop - and be sure to tell Maggie I sent you!

And as an added bonus to Minimalist Knitter readers, Maggie has offered up a 10% discount code, good until June 30th! Simply key in KNITTER10 when checking out, and you'll receive 10% off your entire order!

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