Jun 17, 2011

meet my pregnancy face

Taking photos of hand-knit hats for Ravelry a few days ago, and I noticed something ... I've got total "pregnancy face"! While I've grown and expanded everywhere else these past 29 weeks and haven't cared a bit, it wasn't until yesterday that I truly noticed how ... round ... my face has been getting.

Don't believe? Here's photographic evidence.

Hat 1
Hat 2

After bemoaning the state of my face for a good hour (and getting a serious pep-talk from the greatest husband in the world, who told me that I look gorgeous, that I don't have "pregnant face" at all, and reminded me that I am in fact GROWING A LIFE and to maybe have a bit of perspective, yes?!) I realized one other thing ...

I've completely stopped doing my hair, putting on any makeup, or in general caring too deeply about the state of my skin/face/personal style.

Um, maybe that might need to get stepped up a bit?  I've never been a huge fan of wearing tons of makeup, and I've never had much "personal style" to be sure, but perhaps I can give myself a little bit of a break in these last few weeks of pregnancy? Put on a bit of mascara, at the very least?

My pale skin, light eye lashes and eyebrows, coupled with the darker hair color I've been sporting lately, have not been helping much - time to take five or ten minutes in the morning for me, I think! Rounder face or no, there's no reason I can't play up my eyes, or my porcelain skin, and enjoy the gifts of pregnancy while I've got them - a more voluptuous body, hair so thick it's almost scary, and a sense of peace about life in general!

Oh, and one more photo from that photo session yesterday - because he loves to catch me in between photos, making funny faces!

Hat 3

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