Jun 20, 2011

sponsor spotlight

I'm declaring my first month of sponsorship here on Minimalist Knitter a complete success - a few lovely and amazing folks joined in on the fun, trusting me to treat their ads right and hopefully bring them a bit of business.

Now that the month is a bit more than half over, I'd love to introduce a few of them to you, in case you haven't clicked over from the sidebar yet!

Secret scarf small

Kelly over at Disaster Movie Knits had this to say:
I design disaster-movie-worthy knits, in other words, knits that you would want with you if you found yourself in a disaster movie situation. Imagine fleeing from asteroids and how glad you’d be if you had a scarf with a secret compartment to stash your valuables! As well as being useful in a disaster movie, all my designs are knitable while watching disaster movies. Beautifully uncomplicated! Besides having an over-active imagination, I’m an aspiring minimalist, a mom of 3-, 4-, and 6-year-olds, obsessed with buying an Airstream trailer, and I live in Seattle.

Kelly is graciously offering up some goodness to Minimalist Knitter readers this month ... here's how you can win:
I’ll give away a free pattern of their choice to 3 Minimalist Knitter readers. To enter, just sign up for free email updates from my website here. On July 1st I’ll randomly select three new subscribers to choose their favorite pattern for free. Since I have over ten patterns coming out by the end of this year, the winners will have until January to pick. Everyone who signs up for my email updates will get immediate access to a free download of my ebooklet: Shorten the Knitting Learning Curve.


Meet Elise!!!
I am a crafter + blogger, teach online workshops and run an online shop that sells paper products. I blog about all sorts of things including my adventures in San Diego, recipes and craft tutorials.

You can find Elise almost daily over at her blog enJoy it, as well as on Etsy and on Twitter!


Princess Lasertron, also known as Megan Hunt, is a bridal designer, blogger, and best friend. Her trademark combination of handcrafted design and business prowess with a dash of magic has earned her cult celebrity status in the wedding industry. Since 2005, Princess Lasertron has grown to a three-person company that serves over 250 brides each year. Their line has expanded from simple hairpieces and brooches to gowns, bouquets, diy craft kits and the Princess Lasertron brand has reached hundreds of thousands of brides through magazines, television, and online media. She was recently featured in Signature Styles by Jenny Doh and is also teaching at this year's Creative Connection Event.

Princess Lasertron lives in Omaha where she devotes much of her time to supporting local entrepreneurs and creatives through her coworking space, CAMP. She works through the night making floral accessories for brides, designing dresses for fabulous people, and sharing inspiration with her customers through her website. What she loves most about her job is meeting and collaborating with passionate dreamers, speaking in front of great big crowds, and being able to take her daughter, Alice, to work every day.

You can find Princess Lasertron on their website, or follow Megan on Twitter or Facebook.


Meet Maggie, of Gussy Sews!
Hi there -- my name is Maggie Whitley and I'm the owner/designer of Gussy Sews. I spend equal time working on my blog and my shop. On my blog you'll find updates on my handmade shop, tips on how I left my day job 1 year ago to focus on my business, and different prompts/projects that help build a handmade community of inspiration & adventuring. Interested in what fills the "shelves" of my shop? All sorts of sassy, girly, colorful accessories: tote bags (3 different sizes), zipped pouches, eReader cases, headbands -- all sporting my signature ruffle.

You can find Maggie on her blog Gussy Sews, pick up your very own Gussy bag through the Gussy Shop, and follow her on Twitter or Facebook!
{and stay tuned tomorrow for my thoughts on my very own Gussy zipped pouch!}

This month's sponsors shared with me some of their favorite blogs to stop by and visit frequently ... I love getting the "inside scoop" on who people are following online! This month's sponsors love to check out the following blogs and websites:

|| Making This Home || Zen Habits || Tech Knitting || [i] love life || Oh, Happy Day || Emmerson Made || Say Yes To Hoboken || Megan Duerksen || I Still Love You || Posie Gets Cozy || Nesting Place || A Beautiful Mess || Lisa Leonard || Enjoying The Small Things ||

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