Jun 3, 2011

thoughts at 29 weeks

+ I feel super terrible for all the pregnant ladies out there who are getting ridiculous heart burn. I have gotten a few bouts of it {usually when I drink too much rootbeer, unfortunately}, but it's never been anything a few Tums tablets can't cure. Knock on wood, I'd love to make it through these last eleven weeks without any increase in this!

+ I'm starting to notice the HUGE dark circles under my eyes. I swear I'm sleeping like a champ, but apparently my eyes have not taken the hint - during some hat photo shoot time last weekend {side note: my husband is the BEST at hat photo shoots!} he snapped a candid one of me that's adorable, but for the HUGE dark circles. Alas, I am not adept enough with my free photo editing software to clear them out .... looks like I'll be heading to the store soon to pick up some concealer or spackle or something! {you can see them in action above}

 + This child already has such a mind of his own, it's ridiculous. For example, he'll ninja kick away in my uterus, happy as a clam until someone besides me touches my belly. Then he freezes, and REFUSES to move until the offending party removes their terrible hand. At which point he immediately begins kicking again. It's crazy! The only time he'll kick for Zach is when Zach leans in and tells him that "hey kid, it's your dad, not some terrible other person!", and only then will he get like one kick.

+ I cut all my hair off two weeks ago. After all those months of wanting my hair longish again, I really couldn't stand the thought of long hair in the summer, pregnant. Of course, I sort of miss it, but wouldn't trade this shorter cut for anything right now! Bliss in a simple hair cut ...

+ We now have a crib and mattress, a dresser/changing table, a book shelf, a rocking chair {used to rock me to sleep as a babe, in fact!}, and a rug. Drawers are fast filling up with baby clothes, thanks to two grandma's who can't seem to help themselves. I'd like to get a few decorations up before the kid gets here, but other than a baby tub {rant in a second} we've got everything we NEED for when this kid arrives. It's a good feeling.

 + Baby tubs. Why on earth are there only garrish pink or green or blue baby tubs, filled up with plastic toys that are somehow permanently attached? And if I find a white tub, ellusive though it is, why must it be a SPA TUB for a baby?!? I kid you not, I saw a baby tub that has jets on it for spa treatment. All I want is something simple and white, that I can put either in the sink or in the tub depending on my mood, without bells and wistles - a tub. A smaller version of our big-people tub. I think they don't actually exist.

 + We are officially one week away from the "Danny Threshold" - more on that next week. As of yesterday, I was "officially" three months from my due date, according to my husband. Not that I'm putting much stock in due dates, but it's nice to know the numbers anyhow!

Still feeling all around good. Tired again more days than not - reminders of the first trimester and sleeping all the time! But I'm finding myself wanting to simultaneously knit every skein of yarn in the house and clean everything to ridiculous degrees ... this weekend I'm attacking our linen closet! Cherishing every moment!

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