Jul 1, 2011

getting ready for baby: in the kitchen

You guys? I have like two months until this little monster gets here. I KNOW, RIGHT!?

I don't know if nesting has kicked in full-force or if I'm just deciding to get ORGANIZED, but the planning has begun. First up on my giant list, re-organizing our kitchen.

When we first moved in together, Zach re-did the kitchen. Like, gutted it, put up new walls and a new ceiling, installed new cabinets and a dish washer, MOVED where our gas stove was (thanks to his gas-man dad!) and so much more. The layout is perfect - but the organization? Leaves something to be desired.

Once the kitchen was done, we just sort of threw everything back in and went with it. Now that the babe is about to get here, and we've realized we might need to make room for some of HIS stuff in some of the rooms, the kitchen seemed like a good place to start!

I've already got a new silverware drawer organizer - pictured above. This thing changed my life. CHANGED. MY. LIFE. So silly, but so true. It expands to fit your drawer, there's room to divide out your smaller and larger spoons and forks, and it doesn't slide all over the drawer like our last one did. Game changer.

Since we're not heading out anywhere for most of 4th of July weekend, I've designated it "kitchen organization weekend". There will be cabinet cleaning, decisions made as to what stays, what goes, and what gets moved. But most important? I'm figuring out how to store our pots and pans, which currently fall OUT of the cabinet when I open the door, despite the fact that we don't have that many of them.

Of course, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration, and here's what I came up with:

Cabinet 1
{from i heart organizing} - I love the storage on the left for the glass pans!
Cabinet 2
{from Martha Stewart} - love the lid storage! Those are just towel racks! However, I'm not sure our cabinet doors are up for that particular challenge.
Cabinet 3
{from Kitchens.com} - I don't have NEAR this many pots/pans, but this photo makes me swoon none the less!
Cabinet 5
{from Martha Stewart} - Love the way the lids are organized! Our cabinet for pots and pans has a small inner shelf that might make this work perfectly!
Cabinet 6
{from Blogger - link brokenish?} Love the skillet/pan storage.

My plan - incorporate some of these ideas into at least one of the cabinets to get the pots, pans, and glass casserole dishes organized much better. Right now they're spread all over the kitchen, but I'm betting I can get them into one cabinet ... maybe even with our mixing bowls as well?

I'll post a few before/after shots once all is said and done - hooray for nesting!

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