loving lately: re-using old tees

Jul 5, 2011
Thanks to my nesting instinct, I've been clearing through just about every room in our house like mad. Bagging things up to donate is my new cardio, I think!

And while it's helping keep our house clean and clutter-free, it's also giving me the itch to re-purpose some of the old tee shirts we've had laying around for years! A quick search on Pinterest, and I came up with some fun ideas!

turn it into a skirt!
Fruit bag
use it instead of a plastic bag for your fruit!
cut it into strips and make a bracelet!
turn it into a headband!
turn it into a necklace!

What are some other fun projects for older tee shirts you've made? I've got a small stack I've been saving up over the last week or two, and I can't wait to get started making a few of these projects!

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